Apr 24, 2012

Tweaking my style

For a while now, I have been tolerating the constraints of my previous drawing style. I found my faces too monotonous and bodies not expressive enough. So today I decided to take a step to tweak my style a little. I must say it is a good move because I am loving this illustration I just finished. I can't wait to send it for print and see how it turns out. 

Hooray for change!


  1. this illustration is wonderful.
    but I have to say from what I've seen of your style- it's awesome!!!
    it's so coherent, I love it as is and with the new improvements

  2. I love the new style! You can definitely still tell that you did it though which is great.

    I wish I knew how to develop a coherent style. I'm still just playing around with different looks. Any advice?

  3. Hug: Thank you! :)

    Lily: Hmm I am trying to track back to how I have gotten this style.I have always leaned towards a certain aesthetic since I started painting years back (before illustrating). I am sure most of us have certain aesthetics that we are attached to.

    For example, the keywords that I attach myself to are: rawness, soviet aesthetics, strong cool and warm color contrasts, calculated compositions, etc.

    Unfortunately there are so many times I get distracted with other styles because they look sooo good. But I realized I always come back full circle to what I started out with in the end.

    I see that you seem to love both realistic and illustrative styles from your blog. I say, go with your gut feeling and make a list of your own keywords that are close to your heart :)