What kind of ridiculous name is Doublexuan?
Doublexuan is well suited for me as I constantly feel like I am the result of two parallel universes colliding together. My actual name is Zhou Jixuan.

Ok…… Tell us a bit about yourself?
I am an illustrator currently based in Singapore. I have had various solo and group exhibitions in Singapore, Tokyo, London and New York.

Why are so many of your illustrations monochrome? Are you colorblind?
Color co-ordination is actually one of my few strong points. A lot of my works are monochrome because I am playing a make-believe game at the moment pretending that I am illustrating for a vintage publication in the 1920s.

Tell us about your working process.
I wait for an absurd idea to form in my head, pull out my humble Staedtler Pigment Liner to create an ink drawing, scan it into my laptop and color in with Photoshop.

Things you love?
- Fat animals- the fatter the better. My top 3 are fat cats, fat bears and fat penguins.
- Clowns and old-school circuses.
- Bear suits.

Things you hate?
- Raisins. My hate for them is boundless. Unfortunately they are on their way to take over the world.

- Prunes, which are basically giant raisins.
- Bizarre new generation humor such as Reddit comics and Lolcats.
- Comic Sans.

If you have access to a time-machine…
I would without a doubt, rush back to the 1920s. I find most other eras tolerable, with the exception of the eighties where all elegance is lost.

I have just baked some delicious carrot cupcakes, how do I send some to you?

Thank you so much in advance! You may contact me at xuan@doublexuan.com

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