Mar 27, 2012

Creatures From the Underground

Hastenburaphobia: A fear of grass 

This is a new word I learnt today. I believe I do have mild hastenburaphobia, although I am unsure if it is a valid diagnosis since it is mostly the strange creatures (mainly in my head) that lurk beneath the grass that frightens me. I almost wanted to give up researching for underground creatures for this picture because I am so worried that a picture of a worm or a slug might pop out. Nevertheless, I am glad that I went through with it because I do adore this illustration, especially the warm color tones that I will surely be using again. 

I am also very proud of myself for the drastic improvement of my handwriting within these 2 months. I cannot think of a single person with worse handwriting than me. I had so little faith in my handwriting that for a long time, I have intentionally avoided using any text in my work. However, I have managed to find a trick to make it look aesthetically acceptable in my drawings, and I am rather pleased with myself!

And lastly, I have been featured in CreatureMag in their "Around The World" section! Click here to read the interview!


  1. Such pretty doodles! What program do you use to draw these?!

  2. I wasn't aware that was the term for "fear of grass."

    Anyway, my blogging partner, Hanny the Coffee Bean and I are proud to present you with the Versatile Blogger Award over at our blog! :D Congratulations!

    -Barb the French Bean

  3. I love your illustrations!
    smart and funny, a bit black humor:)

    wish to exchange thought with you:)
    Welcome to mine too:


  4. Beautiful illustrations! I love the colours that you chose.

  5. Lucy: I drew out the picture with a pen and colored in with photoshop!

    The Beans: My first award for this blog! I can't thank you enough! Btw I love your blog title: two beans or not two beans. How ridiculous and wonderful is that! It took me a while to realize where you derive it from :)

  6. Thank you Ben! I can't access your blog though!

    Stephanie: Thank you, your blog is so unique!

  7. This is spectacular. I was wondering, do you offer prints for sale, or high-res print-quality versions? A lot of your works is so unique and cheery, I'd love to have some prints to put on my wall. :3

    I don't know anything about buying or selling prints. I don't even know what an appropriate price point would be. But I figured I'd ask!

  8. Hi Sam! It is so nice to hear that my drawings bring joy to people!

    I actually set up an etsy store a few weeks ago, but haven't got the time to update or promote it yet, which i really should! In fact I will do so and announce my shop here tomorrow! Do pay a visit then!