May 23, 2012

Business Boom Collective

Greetings everyone! I did an illustration depicting a modern runaway princess, and I am addicted to this striking tone (as seen on the sky) which isn't dark enough to be a proper red, but isn't light enough to be a decent pink. I have no idea what to call this color really, so do let me know if you have a clue! It will surely end up as one of my signature colors!

On another note, I am recently featured in Business Boom Collective. It is a newly launched website, and a great place to read up on the brightest individuals and most current businesses linked to the worlds of fashion, photography, art, design and more. It is definitely an exciting place to look out for! 

You can read my interview here


  1. Congrats on being featured! That's so awesome :)

  2. I love this shade of pink!
    it was very interesting to read your interview,
    and get to know you a little bit better :)

  3. Thanks for sharing on your blog about our feature, pleasure to have you on the site!