Mar 15, 2012

Why yesterday was a positive day

Yesterday I got lost at the mall as usual, but it is probably for the best since I came across a new shop called Monoyono. They sell the prettiest polka dotted stationary. I bought a really pretty pen for Michelle because I thought it matches her iphone cover, as you can see from the diagram above.
I got myself a pretty notebook, because I am sick and tired of making ugly scribbles on random scraps of paper when I am outside:

Now I can make ugly scribbles in a pretty notebook.

I also printed postcards to promote my existence. Front of postcard. I am a little worried that the postman might reject my postcards because Josephine Baker is half naked and wearing bananas.

Back of postcard. I sneakily put a secret lucky heart charm which will be hidden under a stamp when I send it out. This is how it works: art directors will fall in love with my work without realizing it is my lucky heart charm at work. Well, unless they stumble across this blog. 

After that, I came across a postcard stand and I saw the postcard I designed for Noise Singapore! This is the first time I have seen the printed version. Just in case you don't know, I enjoy making paper cuts too. Last but not least, I managed to do some test prints of my illustrations, and I am really glad that it turned out beautifully! That only means that I am only days away from the opening of my Etsy shop! How exciting!


  1. ahahahah the first drawing! So cute! those pretty little things that make us happy! It happens to mee too!
    You have a great blog!!!!!