Mar 12, 2012

Just migrated to Blogger. Feels lonely.

Optimist Vs Pessimist by doublexuan
After an entire day of grueling work, I have finally left behind my Tumblr blog which I loved so dearly and found a new home at Blogspot. I feel like a real blogger now! My original blog "What if I have a blog named what if", started out as a place to post mainly my illustrations and comics. However, I cannot shake off the gnawing idea that I feel like I am only half a blogger by posting on a micro-blogging platform. I feel silly writing lengthy posts in an image sharing community. One fine day, I knew my love affair with Tumblr doesn't extend beyond a fling (it was easy but unsustainable) and I needed to leave. I also knew I needed to change my blog name because "What if I have a blog named what if" is appallingly lengthy.

So this is the story of "Whiny Pencil". I am worried about losing readers. I dreaded having to set-up a new blog design and migrating all my posts here. However I know this is a needed move because Tumblr is no longer competent enough to accommodate the vision I have for my blog. Now I can only take on the optimist side and hope this is a smart move on my part. For now it is looking bare and lonely. So please do say hi if you are dropping in!

(P.S. I have also moved Bistro Palooka to Blogspot. For those new to it, it is a virtual Bistro that I built which serves free virtual food. Anyone is welcome to order!)


  1. i have to say that i've tried to switch to tumblr... but the comfort a new features of blogspot made me stay.
    I'm sure things will work out for the best

  2. I´ve used Wordpress but coudln´t wrap my head around ot. Now I´m with blogger and it´s WAY easier to use.

    Great bklog, keep up thw work ;)

  3. Hug: I just joined Blogspot for 2 days and I feel comfortable already! Thanks for linking me up! I will link you up too once I set up my Blogroll!

    Michael: I have tried Wordpress too and it drives me insane not being able to tweak so many things.