Mar 21, 2012

Anna Karenina and Chesme Church

Today I am not feeling particularly well, so I decided to give myself some downtime to draw something I like. So I did a my ideal book cover for Anna Karenina. While I was searching for 18th century Russia pictures for reference, I came across 2 unexpected delights. Firstly, I found out that there is a new movie coming out based on Anna Karenina. I already know I would love it because the clothes look so exquisite, and it is not uncommon that I can overlook a mediocre movie if the aesthetics are blindingly gorgeous.

Secondly, I found this:
This is the Chesme Church in Saint PetersburgRussia. To be honest I am rather appalled by the lack of good quality photographs of this church on the internet, and I am really surprised that I did not know about this building earlier. I am pretty sure that it is going to be my new obsession for a while. I promise to stop whining about my life if I get to live in a house built like that. 

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